Jim Mansfield- The chief visionary behind JKM, has over 20 years experience in both the manufacturing and construction industries. He will fight for the small business guy, while taking on the big guns. His relatives have been involved in construction since at least the 1920’s. His grandparents were involved in some famous east coast landmarks, notably the George Washington Bridge, The Vezzano- Narrows Bridge, both in NYC, The Bay Bridge and Chesapeake Bridge and tunnels- both in Maryland. His uncle was involved in building numerous restaurants in DC as well as professional arena’s on both the east and west coast

As former CEO/partner of Quality R and D Partners, Inc, a global supply chain consulting firm dealing with manufacturing companies with home based in York PA. He and his partners have helped many firms achieve their goals and were turned around from financial ruin to operating as healthy corporations today employing people of their respective communities. A financial guru that refuses to go with bureaucratic flow so often seen in today’s business world. A dedicated individual that puts clients needs first to achieve success.

Mary Filip- A successful owner in her own right of Water Rose Events, a leader in destination event planning that has been in existence since 2006. Mary joined the board of directors of Jkm Contractors & Consulting Inc in 2014.