Our sister division can handle anything that is business related, this can be from starting a new business from the ground up, to overcoming growing pains and anything in between. So of the most recent projects we were involved with,

Would you like to grow your business 10-20% per year? How about reducing cost and increasing productivity and revenue by 6% or more? Would you like to streamline your internal procedures? Are you having difficulty controlling cost? Maybe your organization is in the market for new computer software? Are you looking for other avenues for capital? Do you need coverage for unexpected medical absence? Are you having an issue with supply chain/inventory? These are all things that we can help your organization with and much more. Small to medium size firms are our specialty. Contact us for a phone consultation or schedule a convenient time to meet. We have traveled extensively to meet with our clients.

During the first quarter of every year, we are primarily focused on doing taxes for both business and personal, we have been doing these for the last 11 years. We are experience in 1040ez all the way thru 1120’s and anything in between. (Sorry we do not handle 990 cases at this time). Most returns are completed within 24hrs. If you are behind in filing taxes or have received a letter from IRS regarding previous return years we can probably help you out. Please call or email us for more information.