The organization was born in 2009 as a sole proprietor company after a two (2) year cycle in corporate America. The organization was formally incorporated in 2013 after a three year legal process. JKM is a unique three tiered diversified corporation, on one front we specialize in construction – this can be from simple repairs to major renovations. We have now added home inspections to the mix. Since construction projects are usually done during the warm months of the year, we sought another avenue to sustain our business- so during the colder months of the year, we switch gears and do consulting work which will be explained in greater detail in our upcoming consulting website.

Jim’s family has a long history in the construction industry, his great-grandfather, grandfather and uncle have been involved in some arena of the industry for over 100yrs. Many of the projects that they had a hand in building are still standing today, a testament of dedication that people had many years ago. (we are by no means knocking anyone that is involved today). He started with a heavy construction firm back in 1990’s and moved to commercial and residential construction up until today. For the construction projects that he is involved with, he prefers to use Canadian and American manufactured goods, and will shy away from any product that is made offshore as the quality is not acceptable to his standards. He regularly attends conferences, seminars etc. to stay on top of the growing trends.